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Growth Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Ad Campaigns

Digital Banner Ads

We've delivered countless digital campaigns for Medterra, but this was one of my favorites. While the messaging was kept simple, due to constraints on CBD by the FDA and FTC, our strategy of creating hand-made, animated scenes really set us apart from the competition.

worry free cbd medterra_mv2.gif
better frame of mind medterra_mv2.gif

Golf Launch

When Medterra was just entering the golf market, we started with a B2C push before cornering the B2B market. We created assets that worked to make golfers feel comfortable and excited to add CBD to their routine. ​We eventually signed up two professional golf champions as ambassadors, and soon the name Medterra became synonymous with golf.


Bundle Strategy

During Medterra's early stages, I had the idea of creating bundle product SKUs in order to push customers to try a new product they may not have picked up otherwise. Since their CBD tincture was vastly outselling their other offerings, this was a solution to even the playing field.

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