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Branding, Website Copy, Social Media Strategy, Digital Ads


Airly, owned by Post Holdings, is a climate positive snack cracker that we helped launch with 3 other agencies. The website copy is something I'm truly proud to have written up, as the brand aims to reverse climate change through food. As DTC is not the highest priority for Airly, you'll notice that the website works harder to educate and act as a foundation vs pushing online sales.

Explainer Video

Since a cracker removing greenhouse gases is a new concept (not to mention a new category) we felt the need to explain how Airly accomplishes this feat. Thus our aptly named "How To" video was born. Not only did I personally and carefully craft each callout, I conceptualized and storyboarded the entire video from start to finish. 

Digital Ads

Growing awareness of this new brand meant spending media dollars and quite a lot of them. We needed hard working creative that would garner a high CTR. While the left-most ad performed well, we landed on using media strictly to boost in store purchase, as seen on the GIANT ads.

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