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Brand Copy, OOH Copy, Social Media, Conceptual Thinking

The Tennessean OOH Ads

An extension to our local media brand campaign, I worked to craft OOH copy that poked fun at Nashville and fostered curiosity in Nashvillians. These lived downtown where construction, bachelorette parties and general celebration runs riot on an almost constant basis. 

22-LOCAL-008_Here For It_Nash_OOH_Outdoor_A.png

USA TODAY Brand Platform Ads

In order to increase brand awareness in new audiences, USA TODAY launched a campaign celebrating its "to the point" nature reporting. Centered around getting clarity fast, I wrote up several playful lines to drive home this strategy in a memorable and snappy way. Click the arrows to move through the gallery below.

USA TODAY Acquisition Ads

Revamping our acquisition strategy, we wanted to appeal to different customers' affinities. In doing so, we locked in our biggest audiences and I crafted emotional, benefit-driven headlines that speak to these personas. Click the arrows to move through the gallery below.

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